Professional Drug Lab Cleanup Services for Residents of Dalton, GA, and Nearby Cities

Drug lab cleanup is one of the services Spaulding Decon offers for residents of Dalton, Georgia, and surrounding communities. If your home or place of business has been used as a meth or drug lab and you require professional cleaning services to restore the room, count on us. We have helped countless home and business owners get their locations back to their original condition by using proprietary cleaning products, advanced tools, and certified procedures. We’ll work quickly and discreetly so you can get this issue off your mind.

At Spaulding Decon, we offer the following drug lab cleanup services for Dalton, GA:

  • We will enter your home discreetly and do an extensive test to understand the scope of the cleanup.
  • Then, we will professionally clean up the area, which may include removing flooring, furniture, drywall, and anything else necessary.
  • After we have finished our cleanup, we’ll bring in a third-party tester to evaluate the area and give it a clean bill of health.
  • We perform our cleanup services for hotel rooms, warehouses, and other commercial properties that have been used as a drug lab.
  • We are a Clandestine Methamphetamine Lab Decontamination Contractor, so you can trust our expertise on the subject of drug lab cleanup.
  • All of our cleanup procedures are legally defensible and follow state and national protocols.
  • If you suspect your home or place of business has been used as a meth lab, we can test the location for you to make a confirmation.
  • We’ll not only test the interior of your location, but also any exterior facilities, like sheds or garages to be as thorough as possible.
  • Within a few short days, you’ll have the results of the test and can make a decision on the cleanup you require.
  • We offer a $49 meth lab test kit for home and business owners who are not ready to commit to full, extensive test.
  • With this testing kit, you’ll be able to test up to four areas of your location to find out if your place has been used as a meth lab.
  • This test uses swap tests that are sent to a federally certified lab, so you can trust that this testing kit is completely trustworthy.

If you need drug lab cleanup or you want to order a meth lab testing kit, Spaulding Decon is the company you can rely on in Dalton, GA. Contact us today at (470) 239-2440 for more information.


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What Client’s Say

Beth C

June 15th, 2016|Comments Off on Beth C

Talk about FANTASTIC SERVICE and PEOPLE! We called Spaulding Decon to help clean out my brother's home. Laura and her staff showed up on time and worked so hard to get the job completed. We liked their supportive attitude and cooperative effort that when we needed additional work we called them back! They are TERRIFIC!

Elaine T

June 15th, 2016|Comments Off on Elaine T

Chitty, Bobbie and Frank were AWESOME. I stil need more work done, but will wait until next year when I have more days off.

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