Many people call our office and ask how to remove blood from carpet. Accidents happen at home. If you cut yourself and there are some blood droplets on your carpet you can most likely remove the blood and visual stain. If there was a death or a serious accident and the blood is pooled or saturated on the floor you cannot remove that from carpet. You also should not try to remove that from the carpet. You should always remove the carpet and pad and discard it. When blood pools on carpet or other soft surfaces like a sofa it will penetrate and sit on the pad and the foam. Unfortunately we see all too often that customers make the mistake of calling a carpet cleaning company to clean a large pool of blood. Most carpet cleaners either don’t know any better or will take your money regardless and attempt to do the job. When a carpet cleaning company shows up at your house to attempt to remove the blood they typically have a hot water extraction machine. This will suck up what is the on the surface however it also shoots hot water into the carpet and pushes it into the pad below. So the carpet may look better and still tinted with blood (pink) but the bulk of the fluids are now sitting below in the pad. Why is that problematic? The smell will start in a few days. The blood has no place to go and it is trapped. Flies will lay their eggs and unfortunately maggots will be under the carpet.

How do you remove droplets of blood from carpet? This is a much easier undertaking. To remove droplets of blood from carpet, or another soft good get 3% peroxide from the drug store or Wal-Mart. Place the peroxide in a squirt bottle. Get a wet-dry vacuum. Get a soft brush. Spray the 3% peroxide on the carpet to saturate it. Manipulate the chemical with a soft brush as to not fray the carpet strands. Once it is heavily saturated with the 3% peroxide you can turn on your wet-dry vacuum and suck up the liquid. You will typically need to repeat this process 3-4 times. If this does not work that means that the blood is too heavy on that particular surface and you will most likely need to cut it out and patch it up with other carpet scraps or remove the whole room.

Remember, accidents and blood cleanup are typically covered by homeowners insurance. If the project is too large for you or overwhelming you can file a claim with your homeowners insurance (or car insurance).

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