Do you need to know how to remove finger print dust from your home? Sounds like it would be common sense and easy but many people mess it up and cause a larger mess than what was originally there.

If you have experience a break in, or a home invasion you likely have graphite finger print dust all over your horizontal surfaces and door jams. This is a typical method law enforcement uses to get fingerprints from your home. Most of the prints will most likely be yours and your families but in the rare chance that one exists it is hopeful for the police to get it. Once fingerprints are lifted from your home they are entered into a database for a match. If a person has been arrested before, or in the military they will pop up. Please note, graphite dust is not used for lifting fingerprints from blood or other wet surfaces. It is only used for dry, smooth flat surfaces. A product called chemical blue or amino black is typically used to lift prints from blood. If you have chemical blue or amino black in your home do not attempt to clean it yourself. It is virtually impossible and will destroy your doors, walls, and floors. Call Spaulding Decon and we will remove the chemical substance for you. If you simply have graphite finger print dust in your home follow these steps to remove it.

Do not spray anything on the dust. This is the number one mistake people make. They are inclined to spray 409 or another household cleaner on the dusty surface. This actually makes it worse. The finger print dust is extremely fine and when you spray a liquid it causes the dust to blow and expand.
Rent a high grade Hepa vacuum. Most households to do not have a high grade triple filtration Hepa vacuum. That’s no problem. Rent one from a restoration supply company or a janitorial supply company. You will need to tell them that you need a “dry Hepa vacuum”.
Hepa Vacuum all graphite dust surfaces. This is the most essential method of removing finger print dust. You must vacuum the entire home including walls, doors, counters and floors. You must use this type of vacuum. A shop vac will not work and actually make it worse. There is no capture method for fine particles on a shop vacuum. A Hepa vacuum has triple filtration and will capture all the dust. You will likely need to repeat this process 2-3 times in the entire home.
Wipe down the surfaces with the product of your choice. Once all the graphite dust is up and there is only a light visual presence of where it was you can then use a house hold product like 409, a 10% bleach product or simple green and wipe down all the surfaces.

Bam!!! That’s how you remove finger print dust from the inside of your home or car. If the job is too large for you, or you’re not able to do it yourself call Spaulding Decon and we can dispatch a crew to do this for you. Crimes are typically covered by homeowners insurance. We will assist you in filing an insurance claim. Call our offices 24 hours a day for assistance nationwide. 866-99-DECON.