Meth labs in hotels are becoming more frequent. The reason is that meth cooks have anonymity in hotels. They can check in for a few days, cook their meth, and check out undetected. This also protects their homes from search warrants. If meth cooks are mobile they have less of a chance of getting caught.

Unfortunately meth cooks usually have their children with them. This video is an example of meth lab cooking in a hotel. Click here

Spaulding Decon has decontaminated a lot of hotel rooms from meth. Unfortunately if hotel owners and management are given the choice of whether to decontaminate the rooms or not, they will most often choose not to do so. That is unfortunate because the toxicity left behind is harmful to a persons health. Those with compromised immune systems are most susceptible.

It is important and prudent for hotel and motel owners to have their hotel rooms tested to ensure there is no meth contamination. Test kits are extremely reasonable. For $47 you can test four separate areas in a hotel room. That is sufficient to determine contamination. The samples are analyzed by a federally certified laboratory.

Meth lab cleanup service through Spaulding Decon is just one call away from you.866-993-3266

Meth Test Kits

Testing your hotel rooms is the easiest way to avoid litigation. Meth lab busts are typically all over the news. When a customer sees that and stays in your hotel and find signs of contamination a hotel owner could be liable for putting the customer in harms way. Decontaminating a former clandestine meth lab can be costly. The cost varies all over the country however the average hotel room cost runs between $5,000-$10,000. To get an estimate on decontaminating a meth lab contact Spaulding Decon at 866-99-DECON. We have offices nationwide and are ready to help.