Tear gas removal is extremely specialized and difficult work. We get a lot of calls and questions on how to remove tear gas from homes. If we answered those questions we wouldn’t be in business. Spaulding Decon has a proprietary method for removing tear gas from homes. We can neutralize the gas, and salvage all your non-porous materials.

What do you do with your clothing and other porous materials effected by tear gas? There are companies that we work with that specialize in handling clothing, painting, electronics and even appliances. These companies can decontaminate these items and restore them back to normal condition in most cases. You must weight the cost of the cleaning vs replacing the items.

Does home-owners insurance cover tear gas cleanup? Home owners insurance can cover the cost of the cleanup in cases where your house was broken into or a tenant caused the police action. Insurance will not cover the cleanup if the home owner was the cause of the tear gas.

How do I know that the tear gas is really gone?

Spaulding Decon engages an industrial hygienist to do clearance testing for tear gas residue and volatile organic compounds. This ensures that we have removed all the residue that is harmful to you.

Spaulding Decon utilizes state of the art equipment and chemicals for tear gas removal and their effects. Improper cleaning of a tear gas home can cause more damage to both your health and your home. For a free estimate on tear gas cleanup call our offices at 866-99-DECON.