In 2017, the market is at an all-time high, is active and higher than years past (Forbes), and there has not been a better time this century to get into a business. The problem with conventional businesses is that they are subject to market and consumer volatility, which can be detrimental to a startup. What goes up must come down, and that holds true for the market. If you’re looking for a business that is guaranteed to be a success, a Crime Scene Cleanup Franchise through Spaulding Decon is the opportunity for you!

Twelve years ago, a young entrepreneur saw an opportunity – a niche in the market where she could dominate the industry while offering a helping hand to those who need it most – crime scene cleanup. Everyone knows crime is a fact of life, but hardly do we think about how it gets cleaned up; do the police clean up the drug busts? Do families clean up the in-home crime scene? The answer is no, crime scene cleanup companies like Spaulding Decon do and with their franchise opportunity, you can too!

Maybe you know you want to help the community but feel you don’t know enough about crime scene cleanup to open a franchise of your own, but not to worry, Spaulding Decon has you covered. With the training given to franchisees, you become fully prepared to run your part of the business. When you open a franchise, it includes 7 days of hands-on, live training. With the use of pig’s blood, you are able to get in there and get a feel for what crime scene cleanup is and how to do it.  Spaulding Decon even has a proprietary automation system used just to assist franchisees when they need immediate assistance. Spaulding Decon is also the only cleanup company in the world who franchises the meth lab cleanup component of crime scene cleanup.

When you join Spaulding Decon as a franchise owner, you are joining a family of people dedicated to helping the community while having the added benefit of a recession proof business with huge profit margins. Each new franchise helps benefit the company and the will in turn benefit from national contracts that Spaulding Decon has.

Do you think this is the right business for you? Or maybe you still have questions? Visit Spaulding Decon online!