Decontaminating a home can be expensive. If you do not have homeowners insurance it may be too expensive for you to do. There are options. We will buy your house cash as is, anywhere in the US.

If your home has been busted as a former Meth lab and the tenants are now in jail you are most likely left with the bill. With no insurance this can be a hefty undertaking. The average cost for a meth lab cleanup is $12,000-$50,000. If you cannot afford that your best option is to sell us your house. There are many States that quarantine meth lab homes. If your house is in one of them you are not able to rent the house out or sell it if it is contaminated. You have no other option but sell your home to a company like ours. We are the only decontamination company in the country who is educated and had the resources to purchase your home.

In April of 2016 we got a call for a suicide cleanup. The home also happened to be hoarded. The owner was the victims mother. She did not have insurance on the home and was unable to pay for the cleanup. Her end goal was to sell the house anyway so it was natural for her to just take what she wanted from the house and walk away. She was able to receive a fair price for the house and we closed in 3 days.

There is no home that we will not buy. We have purchased mobile homes, condos, single family homes and lofts. You pay no real estate commissions or closing costs.

For more information on selling your home call 813-773-1205. Speak with Adam at the Wholesale Queen and you will receive an offer on your home within 24 hours.