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Animal Waste Cleanup

Animal Waste Cleanup

Animal Waste Cleanup

Do you have a property that requires Animal Waste Cleanup or Disposal? Do you know an Animal Hoarder?

Animal Hoarders mean well when they take in a large quantity of animals. They are trying to prevent the animals from being euthanized at a shelter. When the animals overrun the home and impede the functionality then its time to seek help. If animal feces are piled in a corner and the human inhabitant goes about her daily routine as if nothing is amiss, stepping over the droppings and living amidst gross filth, then THERE’S A PROBLEM.

Animal hoarding often results in unsightly and health-threatening conditions. Situations involving abused animals demand their own type of decontamination. In these instances the animals are often mistreated or ignored and literally take over the residence. The resulting mess can be overwhelming.

Do not attempt to clean these types of situations alone!

The police department is not responsible for the cleaning process. You must call a professional cleaning and disinfecting team to do the job.

In our experience its neighbors who report the obnoxious smells, the large amounts of trash, or the large quantity of animals at a property. Many times the residents suffer from mental illnesses and are unable to live in clean normal conditions. If code enforcement is called, the residence could be posted as uninhabitable. These types of projects are too difficult for family and friends to handle. Contact Spaulding Decon for a free estimate. We can get your property back into liveable condition.

Our team of trained professionals at Spaulding Decon can handle any type of animal waste cleanup. We will remove deceased animals from the residence and thoroughly disinfect the area. State of the art ozone machines are brought in to neutralize odors and eco-friendly chemicals are used to completely clean every inch. Spaulding Decon crime scene decontamination experts are highly trained to deal with any animal clean up scenario, and we offer a quick two hour response time.

Call Spaulding Decon for a free estimate. We never give you a quote over the phone. Each scene is different and our professionalism means that we treat every job with respect and compassion.

For your privacy, it’s our policy to never talk to the press – our sole aim is to clean and disinfect.