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Can I Use Bleach to Remove Mold in My House?

September 27, 2017

Oftentimes, when someone finds bleach in their home, they turn to a simple bleach and water solution, but that is only a temporary fix. Bleach can kill the mold that’s there, but without the proper remediation and prevention techniques, the mold will likely return. Mold grows in damp spaces such as in bathrooms, around your sinks, washer machine, refrigerators and any other places in the home where water can accumulate. Mold can spread as through a home in as quickly as 48 hours and can cause a series of health issues. It is important to remove mold as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure it doesn’t return.

If you have mold in your home, it is important to find the cause. Is there a leaky pipe? Is it just in a place in your home or business that experiences excess moisture? Depending on the cause of the mold, it could be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Though most policies don’t directly cover mold removal and remediation, they do cover many of the causes of mold. Homeowners cover a pipe burst, which can cause mold, it covers structural damage, which can cause leaks and in turn mold; if mold is a secondary effect of something covered by insurance, you may have a claim, which is why it is important to find the source of the mold. Homeowners especially kick in if the mold has caused structural damage. Hopefully, it is discovered before it gets to that point, but it is important to know your policy and how much mold coverage you have.

Another reason it is important to find the source is that that is how you will need to prevent the mold’s return. Once it is found, you can use bleach and water to remove it, as long as it is in an area that the bleach won’t damage. Bleach and water works well on tiles, such as in a bathroom, sink, or concrete. If the area with mold can be damaged by bleach, such as drywall, carpet, or upholstery, the mold cannot be removed by bleach – which is one reason mold can’t always be removed by bleach.

In short, yes, you can use bleach to remove some mold in your house, but you better be prepared to do it again and again. If you want the mold to be gone for good you need to make sure the area stays dry, has low humidity, and that all the mold was completely removed in the first place. Sometimes, the area needs a different solution that bleach just can’t offer. The best solution? Call a professional. The professional mold removal and remediation experts at Spaulding Decon get the job done with little hassle on your end and guarantee that the mold stays away!