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Can Mold be Removed from Carpet?

September 25, 2017

Mold in carpet is near impossible to remove. When carpet gets wet, if it is not dried completely, mold will begin to grow soon. Dampened carpet is optimal for mold growth because of the close, damp quarters. Mold often will grow deeper than just the surface of the carpet into the subfloor, this makes the mold removal impossible. Carpet with mold is near impossible to remove and the carpet will most likely need to be removed and replaced.

Carpeting is porous. It is full of tiny holes and fibers that mold can grow in, which is why it is so hard to remove. Each microscopic hole creates a moist environment for mold to thrive, and accessing these holes is near impossible. Even if your carpet appears to be dry or clean on the surface, these holes go throughout the carpet and can be full of mold. If the carpet absorbed a lot of moisture, the subflooring can be mold ridden and you wouldn’t be able to know.

The way mold spreads make it tough for mold to be removed because even the smallest amount can cause the carpet to be fully covered again. Once the surface appears clean, if the subfloor or pores of the carpet have mold, the clean area will begin to have mold again shortly after you’ve spent all that energy removing it from the top of the carpet.

Mold in your carpet can be dangerous to your health. Every time you step on the carpet with mold, it reenters the air and can be breathed in or spread to other items in the area. Breathing in the mold can cause respiratory issues and allergic reactions, which is why moldy carpet should be removed and replaced quickly. Other symptoms from living with moldy carpets are itchy eyes, skin rashes, runny noses, headaches and a many more problems that can subside once the carpet is removed and replaced.

If removing and replacing the carpet, once it is removed, make sure the wood below is dry. Letting it air dry for hours or overnight is going to be best in preventing the mold’s return. If new carpeting is laid down over flooring that is not 100% dry, mold can begin to regrow in your new carpeting. Once the new carpet is down, it is important to keep it dry. Make sure carpets in your house are away from areas that are prone to moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens, and near any appliances that can leak water.

If you are concerned about removing mold from your carpet, the best practice is to call a professional first. The techs at Spaulding Decon can assess your situation and offer you the best options for your carpet. If it can be saved, Spaulding Decon can save it. Typical carpet cleaning machines push water deeper into your carpet and simply cause more mold to grow, so it is important not to attempt removal on your own. Save yourself the time and trouble and call Spaulding Decon, today!