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How Can I Clean Up Blood Without Leaving a Trace During a Crime Scene?

October 25, 2016

blood cleaning in crime scenes

Cleaning the blood at crime scene places has been a tough job. If the blood at a surface is old, then it will become more challenging to clean the area or surface without leaving a trace. Usually, there are many well-known Crime Scene Cleaning Companies that make sure to clean the blood without any spot. However, if you follow right directions, apply best techniques and efforts, then you can also do this very easily.

Blood Traces at Crime Scene Place:

Sometime, police and investigation departments do not let cleaners to wash and clean the blood from murder places. Blood is a fluid and not a liquid. So, if blood remains on a surface for a long time, then it will be much complicated for cleaners to remove it completely without leaving any trace. That is why; every cleaning company utilizes its all resources, technology and chemicals to give a stunning cleanup service to clients.

Is This Possible to Clean Blood Completely?

Although, this is challenging to cleanup blood if it lies on surface longer, but in fact this is possible to remove it completely without leaving any spot. In general, there are many specific detergents and cleaning agents that can remove the blood completely from the crime scene surface. Sometimes, the cleaners also mix up various chemicals and detergents together to get a best cleaning product that is much effective to remove blood and its spot. You can make such chemicals or buy them from markets.

Ways to Clean the Blood Without a Trace:

There are plenty of ways to clean up the blood without leaving any mark on the surface. However, you can use some very common methods. In fact, this is said that cleaners must remove contamination first and then wash the bloody area several times with water as well as chemicals. This phenomenon will make the blood light and further cleaning procedures will definitely remove the spots of blood. If you have done cleaning well, then there will be more chances to remove blood without leaving any mark or trace on the surface.

Confirm How Much Long Blood is There?

Anyway, when you are going to remove the blood from a crime scene, first you must make sure how much long the blood is. This will let you know which type of chemicals and cleaning agents will be the best to clean up the blood. This will be better for you to keep the bloody spots wet with water as well as some very efficient chemicals that can help you to remove the blood spots easily. This is bit right to clean blood as soon as possible because if it become sold, then cleaners will have complications to clean it thoroughly without leaving any trace on a surface.

Cover & Protect Yourself:

Now, you should wear all safety equipment, clothes and other items to protect yourself. Actually, when you are safe, then you will be able to perform well and do a great job. So, it is much more needed to cover your body with high quality safety products and wearing items. You must wear gloves, masks, glasses to protect your eyes from chemicals and don’t breath when you are using chemicals and toxic detergents. There are many types of cleaning costumes which are perfect for the cleaners. So, you must try such types of clothes that can cover your whole body from acids and chemicals that can burn your skin.

Use the Best Chemicals and Cleaning Agents:

There are a number of bets chemicals, cleaning detergents and agents that can remove all types of spots, even blood. These chemicals are also available in markets where you can buy the satisfaction guaranteed detergents for blood clean up. When you are about to use cleaning agents and chemicals at blood, you must wash it several times with fresh water. In this way; the blood will be easier to remove. Further, you have to apply chemicals on the targeted area a couple of times.

Avoid Using the Bleach:

Most cleaners believe that bleach is a fantastic cleaning agent for blood clean up. Actually, the truth is different and you should believe that it does not play a good part to remove the blood from a crime scene place. If you use bleach to remove blood, you will get nothing as you expect from this detergent.

Clean Good & Sanitize Well:

Cleaning and sanitizing both are different terms as well as processes for cleaning the blood. Usually, you must pay more attention on the cleaning with some effective and high quality chemicals. If you clean the surface very good and then sanitize the area with fresh water well, then obviously you will get succeeded in your motives. These are actually the right ways that how to clean up the blood from a crime scene without leaving any trace.