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How Does Spaulding Decon Help Hoarders in Hoarding Situations

February 5, 2017

Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding is not just cleanup, it is helping the hoarder too. In many hoarding situations, the hoarder does not realize they have a problem, and if they do, they do not know how to help themselves. Many times, their family is also affected by their hoarding and it puts a lot of stress and pressure on both parties. If a loved one is in a hoarding situation that requires professional help, it is important to seek out a company who is with you through every step of the process and that is truly caring towards the client. Spaulding Decon offers comprehensive hoarding cleanup and that includes all the help and assistance a hoarder needs. From the very first moment at the consultation until the home is cleaned and ready to live in again, we at Spaulding Decon are there with compassion, hope, and the know how to take care of the hoarder, their home, and their family.

The caring professionals at Spaulding Decon have been providing help for hoarders since 2005, and in that time, we have assisted countless hoarders and their loved ones through the cleanup and recovery process. Through their knowledge and practice, Spaulding Decon understands the need for discretion when offering hoarding cleanup. Intervening in a hoarding situation can be a dramatic step for a hoarder, which is why discretion is a must. From the start, Spaulding Decon will arrive in unmarked vehicles and uniforms. Keeping your situation private is a priority. From there, Spaulding Decon will work at a pace that is comfortable for the hoarder. We understand that all the items in the home have value to the hoarder, from the smallest papers to any items found and treat each item with the time and care needed to help the hoarder let go.

Safety is another concern Spaulding Decon has for its hoarding clients. Different hoarding situations offer different obstacles and many contain biohazardous materials that require special care for removal. Spaulding Decon’s cautiousness and extensive training are to make sure any removal and cleanup are done in a safe, regulated, and comprehensive way. Safety includes the proper removal and disposal of any waste in the home and the way the home is cleaned. Spaulding Decon has the required tools necessary to properly clean any biohazards, mold, grime, and any other thing that can negatively affect the homeowner, hoarder, or their family. Whether it is animal feces, bodily fluids, mold or anything in between, we at Spaulding Decon have resources and the know-how to get it done.

Safety doesn’t stop in the cleanup and remediation of the property, it most certainly includes the safety of the hoarder. For Spaulding Decon, this means providing all the resources necessary to aid a hoarder in the process. The help for hoarders that Spaulding Decon offers is comprehensive. Helping hoarders is one of the largest concerns of Spaulding Decon when it comes to the cleanup. We also offer the resources needed for mental health counseling. It is our mission to help you heal both inside and out. From the begging to end Spaulding Decon will document the provide the information needed to help get the costs of our services covered by the insurance company.

Spaulding Decon also helps hoarders through a recovery process of their items. We understand that hoarding may go on for years and valued items and heirlooms can be lost in the mix. For this reason, Spaulding Decon works through the cleaning process and recovers any items or heirlooms damaged by hoarding. When we are done helping you, we want to make sure your valuables are back in your hands.

Home repairs are also part of the process. Hoarding can cause a multitude of damages to the home. As items accumulate from hoarding they may damage parts of the home, such as drywall, air vents, appliances, or furniture and Spaulding Decon is there to help with those repairs as well. When the process is complete, we want to make sure the home is completely remediated and ready for habitation.

When it comes to hoarding cleanup, it is important to remember that the person hoarding needs help, attention, and care too. The hoarding cleanup process is more so about helping the hoarder than just cleaning a home. Our team at Spaulding Decon has highly trained, compassionate individuals who offer the best services with care and a smile for the hoarder. We understand and respect each hoarder and their unique situation while offering a comprehensive plan and process for cleanup. It is important to realize the help a hoarder needs and Spaulding Decon offers all those services. From the discretion we use and the safety precautions we take to the recovery, remediation and counseling process; when you hire Spaulding Decon you are hiring a team who truly cares.