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Rodent Droppings Cleanup Services

August 7, 2017

Rodent infestations are a huge problem. They not only infest your living space, but the whole home: in the walls, crawl spaces, plumbing, and even the HVAC system. When you’ve had rodents, it is important to hire a company for rodent dropping cleanup. When you hire a professional, you know that the job is going to be done properly and safely, Rodent droppings contain deadly bacteria and disease, it would be irresponsible to take on the task without a professional.

With professionalism comes know how. Many people simply do not have the training or experience required to properly protect themselves from the bacteria, pathogens, and disease that are associated with rodent droppings. Bloodborne Pathogen Training is one of the certifications professional technicians will have. Technicians who have been trained in bloodborne pathogens will understand the dangers that come with the feces of rodents and how to handle them accordingly. In addition to that, they should have Respiratory Protection training – which ensures their safety on the job as well. Both these trainings will ensure the safety of yourself and the technicians as well as assure the best remediation possible for your home.

Any urine and feces should be treated as contaminated material. A professional company will have the proper protective equipment that the everyday man just doesn’t have access to. When cleaning rodent droppings professionals will wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Personal Protective Equipment will ensure that the technician's eyes, nose, mouth, hands, feet, and all skin are covered. This decreases one's risk of exposure to bacteria. A professional company will also use a HEPA vacuum, which ensures that none of the fecal material vacuumed will re-enter the air. A standard home vacuum releases particles back into the air that could be harmful to your health and the health of the home and family.

Beyond being able to protect themselves properly, professionals have equipment and know-how that everyone else doesn’t. When you hire a company such as Spaulding Decon they create a cleanup plan to ensure your space is completely remediated. Meaning they not only clean up the area, but they make sure the home is habitable again. They’re able to safely remove the rodent feces with their proprietary equipment. Furthermore, the air can be left with a foul odor that store bought air cleaners cannot remove, but a professional ozone air neutralizer can, something only a professional company will have access to.

Rodent droppings are not something to be taken lightly. Spaulding Decon understands the dangers that are associated with them which is why they respond to rodent dropping removal within two hours of receiving the request. Even though the job may look small, rodent droppings are not an easy task to handle. A professional company will know what to look for and where to look for it in order to ensure your home is completely remediated. To ensure your safety and your family’s well-being, call an expert; Call Spaulding Decon at 866-99- DECON for Nationwide help.