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 Tips on Choosing a Crime Scene Cleanup Service

September 23, 2016

crime scene cleanup

No one ever plans on hiring a crime scene cleanup service. When the unthinkable happens the last thing on your mind is “how do I clean it up?”  When the police leave your home you are left with the aftermath.  The following are 5 tips on choosing a crime scene cleanup service.

  1. Get a referral first but if there are none then you should go to the internet. The internet will give you many resources.  You can check a companies reviews, web presence, and see how professional they are.  Do some quick research and make some calls to your top 3.
  2. They should always give you a free estimate. A crime scene cleanup service should always provide you with a free estimate.  It is industry standard to do so.  Don’t always pick on price.  Look at years in the business, customer reviews, and whether they are licensed, insured, and bonded.
  3. Will the crime scene cleanup service take insurance claims? One huge misconception is that there is no help in paying for crime scene cleanup services.  This is a huge fallacy.  Most homeowners insurance pays for the cleanup of crime scene cleanup.  Many small companies won’t take insurance because they don’t have the capital to wait for the payment.  Go with a company who accepts homeowners insurance and files the claim on your behalf.
  4. How quickly can they respond? Spaulding Decon guarantees a 2-hour response time to decontaminate and remove crime scene cleanup  Most reputable companies will respond in a short period of time.


If you are looking for reputable crime scene cleanup franchise or services call Spaulding Decon for nationwide service.  All Spaulding Decon offices are individually owned and operated.  866-99-DECON