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Who Removes Toxic Mold from Houses?

September 27, 2017

Toxic mold is dangerous. If left untreated, toxic mold can cause a who slew of problems from respiratory distress, itchy eyes, and skin rashes. Although if treated timely, the symptoms may subside, some effects of toxic mold can be life threatening which is why it is important that it is cleaned right away. Usually, if there is under 10 square feet of mold, the EPA suggests you can clean it yourself, but when the mold is toxic, it is always best practice to hire a decontamination company such as Spaulding Decon to get the job done. Don’t tackle toxic mold alone, keep you and your family safe and call Spaulding Decon.

Removing toxic mold requires a lot of equipment that many people don’t have access to. You need full body protection, proprietary equipment, and chemicals that are just not easy to access, which is why you should hire a decontamination company. Spaulding Decon has the equipment needed to remove toxic mold and make your home as good as new.

When you hire Spaulding Decon, they arrive within hours, because your safety is their concern. When they arrive, their technicians are ready to work. They begin cleaning right away and when they leave, there will be no traces of toxic mold left. Spaulding Decon finds the source of the mold, remediate the property, and make sure anything that cannot be remediated is safely removed. They eliminate the source which will help ensure the toxic mold doesn’t return. To reinforce the safety of your home, Spaulding Decon enlists the service of a third-party testing company to test the home. Third party clearance removes and conflict of interests and will ensure that all traces of mold are gone, leaving you with a clean bill of health.

Many times, people are worried about cost and thing that they better handle the mold on their own to save money, but toxic mold is oftentimes covered by insurance. Spaulding Decon documents the cleanup process and aids you with filing a claim with your insurance company to get the costs of toxic mold cleanup covered.

Each state has different rules and regulations when it comes to toxic mold remediators. Every Spaulding Decon office is licensed in their respective states, which ensures that your home is fully restored by the guidelines of the state you live in.

One of the best aspects of Spaulding Decon is their full encompassing services. Many decontamination companies come in, remove the mold, and leave your property, leaving you to do any repairs and clean up a mess. Spaulding Decon, in contrast, offers full remediation services. They won’t leave you with the hassle of remediation your property, when Spaulding Decon leaves, your home is safe and ready to live in and that is why they’re the best.

If you’d like to know more about our toxic mold removal service, visit us online at spauldingdecon.com or call us at 866-993-3266 for more information.