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Drug Lab Cleanup

Drug Lab Cleanup

Drug Lab Testing and Cleanup Services for Residential and Commercial Properties in Alpharetta, GA, and All Surrounding Cities

Turn to Spaulding Decon when you need a drug or meth lab cleanup in Alpharetta, Georgia. We are experts in this type of cleanup and will work quickly to eradicate all drug residue from your home or commercial property. In addition, because we understand what a sensitive subject drug manufacturing can be, we will protect your privacy at all costs. This includes coming to your location in an unmarked van and wearing uniforms that are unidentifiable, so that nosy neighbors won’t have any clue as to what we are doing at your home. We’ll also work quickly so that you won’t have to worry about the unpleasantness of this problem any longer than you absolutely have to. Our cleanup technicians are licensed and certified in drug and meth remediation and you can count on them for a thorough job.

We provide the following types of services under the umbrella of drug lab cleanup for the Alpharetta, GA, community. These services include:

  • Whether your new home was previously used as a drug lab or you had renters using your house as a drug lab, we’ll provide discreet residential drug lab cleanup to take care of the drug residue.
  • We’ll first test your home, including your sheds, garages, HVAC unit, and attic, to understand the extent of the problem and then work quickly to eradicate the drug residue.
  • Since drug lab cleanup can be covered by homeowner’s insurance in certain instances, we’ll carefully document everything we do and work with your insurance company to get the cost of our services covered.
  • Has drug manufacturing taken place at a room in your hotel, a warehouse your company owns, or your place of business? If so, you can count on Spaulding Decon to provide efficient drug lab cleanup.
  • We have helped a wide variety of businesses with commercial drug lab remediation, maintaining their privacy throughout the cleanup.
  • We follow all national and state protocols for drug lab cleanup, and also bring in a third-party hygienist to test your commercial property when we’re finished as an extra dose of quality control.
  • Concerned that someone has been manufacturing meth at your home or commercial property? Spaulding Decon can conduct a thorough test to find out if that is the case.
  • Our testing services are incredibly thorough, examining all areas of your property (including exterior structures) and leaving no stone unturned.
  • We send the samples we took to a federally certified lab that will provide results within a few days.
  • We sell at-home meth lab testing kits for $47 + $6.95 shipping, which is the more affordable alternative to a full-scale test.
  • With our at-home tests, you’ll test four areas of your home and then send the samples to the same lab that Spaulding Decon sends their samples to, so you can trust you’ll receive accurate, prompt results.
  • If the tests are conclusive, you can count on Spaulding Decon to provide the cleanup services you require. (While we sell at-home tests for meth remediation, we recommend hiring a professional cleaning company for the cleanup to ensure they are certified to remove the drug residue.)
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