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Drug Lab Cleanup

Drug Lab Cleanup

Drug Lab Testing and Cleanup Services from Certified Professionals in East Charlotte, NC

Spaulding Decon is the company to count on when you need drug lab testing or cleanup service in East Charlotte, North Carolina. Our team is comprised of certified and highly trained professionals who can perform a wide range of drug lab remediation at homes and businesses. Whether you simply suspect your home was used as a meth lab in the past and need testing from a qualified company, or you recently found out a hotel room on your property was used to manufacture drugs and you require a quick and discreet cleanup, we can help. We’ll arrive to your home or business promptly in unmarked vans, wearing unidentifiable uniforms.

We can perform the following drug lab services in the East Charlotte area:

  • If you need quick drug lab cleanup at your home, turn to Spaulding Decon. We’ll arrive within two hours of receiving your call and get to work quickly to rid your home of any drug residue and paraphernalia.
  • We’ll first test your home to determine the extent of the drug manufacturing. We’ll examine everything, including exterior structures and your HVAC system, so we can understand exactly what needs to be cleaned and where.
  • After testing your property, we’ll get right to work cleaning it using OSHA-compliant cleaners and advanced tools. We’ll even bring in a third-party hygienist to test your home once we’ve finished our cleaning service.
  • Our expert team will come to your business to perform a thorough drug lab cleanup, and we’ll be as discreet as possible to maintain your company’s privacy during this time.
  • Once we test your property to learn what areas need to be decontaminated, we’ll get to work using our professional-grade cleaners and specialty tools to eradicate all lingering residue.
  • We will carefully document everything we do, and our documentation can be used for insurance purposes or legal proceedings, if necessary.
  • Not sure if you need a full-scale drug lab cleanup? We can come to your home just to test for drug manufacturing through our meth lab testing service.
  • We’ll take our time to thoroughly test every area of your home, including external structures, attics, HVAC units, and more. We’ll send our samples to a federally certified lab and we’ll get the results in just a few days.
  • If the meth lab test comes back positive, we can dispatch a team to your home or business to provide the certified cleaning service you need. You can count on us!
  • We offer $47 meth lab testing kits for home and business owners who don’t want to commit to a full meth lab test.
  • In this kit, you’ll test up to four areas of your property and then send the swap tests to a federally certified lab.
  • You’ll be able to easily perform this testing, thanks to a step-by-step video tutorial that helps you through the process.
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