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Your privacy is always our number-one concern, and we take care to maintain it when we are at your home or business. This is why our cleaners will arrive in unmarked vans and wear plain uniforms. This way, there won’t be any reason for nosey neighbors to know why our team is at your home.

We will provide a no-obligation estimate when you call us, but a final price cannot be calculated until the end of the job. The final price depends on a few different factors, including how many cleaners were needed and if any furniture had to be replaced. Providing a ballpark figure is just not possible due to all of these different factors and the diverse array of cleanup services we offer.

In many cases, cleaning and janitorial services are not certified or trained at eradicating pathological waste, and they do not have protocols in place for this type of cleanup. They simply provide surface-level cleaning services. Spaulding Decon, on the other hand, holds the proper certifications, training, and cleaning products necessary to eliminate all types of biohazardous substances.

For many of our services, insurance may cover a portion of the fee. For example, homeowner’s insurance will typically pay for a homicide cleanup, drug lab cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and more. Auto insurance will often cover traffic accident cleanup.

Additionally, if you were the victim of a crime and don’t have insurance, you can get in contact with the North Carolina Victims Compensation Services for financial assistance. A member of our team would be happy to help you with this process.

There must be a handful of protocols in place to let an employee handle the cleanup of a biohazard scene. The only way an employee can clean a biohazard scene is if the employee:

  • Maintains a Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) Exposure Control Plan for your business
  • Has been trained on exactly how to properly handle blood borne pathogens
  • Knows how to remove, store, and dispose of biohazard waste according to federal guideline
  • Has had the Hepatitis B vaccination as well as any exposure evaluations and follow-ups necessary
  • Wears OSHA-compliant personal protective gear when cleaning up any biohazard scene

You can hire Spaulding Decon to conduct a test at your home. Our trained cleaners will come to your home and thoroughly test every area of it, including exterior structures, to determine if any drug manufacturing took place. We will send all the samples we collect to a federally certified lab. If positive, you can count on our team of certified drug lab cleanup technicians to professionally decontaminate your home to get rid of all drug residue.

An alternative to this service is our at-home drug testing kits that we sell for $49. You’ll collect the samples yourself and send them to the same lab that we use, receiving results within a few days.

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