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Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding Cleanup

Compassionate Hoarding Cleanup Services for Residents of Tampa, FL, and Surrounding Cities

Are you seeking hoarding cleanup services for yourself or a loved one in Tampa, FL? If so, count on Spaulding Decon. We offer discreet and compassionate hoarding cleanup that helps you through the emotional process of dealing with hoarded materials and the underlying psychological conditions. Plus, we’ll not only clean your home and restore it to a pristine condition, but also offer various support services like connecting your family with counselors.

  • Having lots of animals becomes a problem when a person can not offer the proper level of care for them.
  • At Spaulding Decon, we’ll remove the animals from the home and place them in a safe location, and then deep clean and disinfect the home.
  • We’ll eradicate stains from bodily fluids, odors from the pets, and more to restore the home to a clean environment.
  • It’s natural to want to store food for emergencies, but when the food piles up and attracts roaches, spoils and grows mold, or creates odors, it’s an issue.
  • We’ll carefully dispose of spoiled food and donate any non-perishables to local food pantries.
  • Then, our licensed team of cleaners will disinfect and decontaminate your home to eradicate insects and smells.
  • If you find yourself holding on to trash, so much so that it piles up and creates physical barriers in your home, it’s time to call on Spaulding Decon.
  • We’ll responsibly dispose of all trash and then do a deep clean of your home so that it is restored to its original condition.
  • During the process, we’ll work with you to develop a cleanup plan that meets your needs, working at a pace that feels comfortable to you.
  • Many times, people hoard paper objects, like old newspapers, books, pieces of mail, phone books, magazines, and more.
  • In doing so, these piles of paper create physical barriers in a home that causes unsafe living conditions for inhabitants.
  • We’ll clear out the paper objects from your home and then do a deep clean of the space.

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