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Spaulding Decon of Hartford

Matthew Fleisher, Owner

I decided to start Spaulding Decon Hartford in an effort to use my experience, industry knowledge and skills to help people in their time of need. I know that any type of biohazard or crime scene event can be extremely stressful. At Spaulding Decon we are here to help. 

Before Spaulding Decon, I worked for over 25 years in the commercial and residential painting business where my customer base ranged from local homeowners to mansions on the waterfront to large industrial buildings, stores, and warehouses. 

Based on my past business experience, I am a firm believer that customer service and professionalism should be top priorities. It is for this reason that my staff and I have been extensively trained to perform our work to perfection. Thank you for considering Spaulding Decon Harford. We look forward to hearing from you for a no-obligation estimate for your cleanup, no matter the services needed.

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