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Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup

Turn to Spaulding Decon for Crime Scene Cleanup in the Hartford, CT, Area

There’s no better company to depend on when you need a crime scene cleanup in Hartford, New Britain, Wethersfield, or any other surrounding city in central Connecticut. We have been providing professional cleanup services since 2005 and are trusted by law enforcement agencies, families, businesses, and more because of our commitment to always offer precise and efficient service. When you turn to us for a crime scene cleanup, we will go the extra mile to ensure your home is restored to the way it looked before the trauma occurred. From replacing items that were destroyed to helping with insurance paperwork, you can count on us for a job well done.

Here are the different services we provide within our crime scene cleanup division for residents throughout Hartford, CT:

  • We are trusted by police departments to clean up jail cells, evidence lockers, police cruisers, and more.
  • We work efficiently to ensure we can take care of these specific cleanup needs quickly while also maintaining our high standards.
  • The cleaners we use can remove blood, viruses and bacteria, bodily fluids, drug residue, decomposition odors, and more.
  • A blood spill is considered biohazardous waste and, as such, should only be handled and disposed of by a certified biohazard removal company.
  • At Spaulding Decon, we use OSHA-compliant products that can effectively take care of the blood spill, no matter where it has occured.
  • Every cleaner on our staff holds licenses for blood cleanup, so you can trust they have been adequately trained.
  • Having a homicide occur on your property is a traumatic event and one where you want the evidence of the incident gone immediately. Spaulding Decon can take care of the scene for you.
  • We will arrive within just a few hours of receiving your call and work quickly to restore your home to the way it looked before the trauma occurred.
  • We’ll be discreet when working, arriving in unmarked vans and wearing plain uniforms, to ensure any nosy neighbors won’t have any clue as to why we’re at your home.
  • Tear gas is a dangerous substance that can cause violent bodily reactions in people, such as watery eyes, chest pain, skin irritation, and difficult breathing.
  • To ensure every molecule of tear gas has been effectively removed from the premises, it’s important to call Spaulding Decon, as our forensics cleaners are certified at removing tear gas residue.
  • We’ll shut down the area as we work and use OSHA-compliant cleaning products to take care of the tear gas, only reopening the area when we are confident the tear gas has been removed.
  • Spaulding Decon understands that the circumstances surrounding a suicide are incredibly difficult, and this is why we maintain your utmost privacy while performing our suicide cleanup services.
  • We will do whatever it takes - even if that means replacing furniture or drywall - to remove all evidence of the trauma.
  • We can connect your family with counselors to provide mental health assistance during this time. We can also help with the funeral arrangements and work with your insurance company to get the cost of our services covered.
  • If your vehicle has been involved in a traffic accident, you may need to have a specialty cleanup company like Spaulding Decon to restore it to its original condition.
  • We can remove blood, bodily fluids, and other biohazardous substances from the vehicle using our professional-grade cleaners.
  • We’ll even work with your auto insurance company to get the cost of our services covered, helping with any paperwork and documentation needed.
  • If an unattended death has occurred at the home of a loved one, call on Spaulding Decon to take care of the body and any decomposition odors.
  • We’ll restore the home and use our professional-grade cleaners to remove all odors, bodily fluids, blood stains, and more.
  • This service may be covered under the loved one’s homeowner’s insurance, and if so, our experts will work hand-in-hand with your insurance company to get the cost of our services covered.
  • Spaulding Decon helps businesses when an industrial accident occurs, whether that involves a death or just an injury.
  • We’ll dispatch a team to your property quickly and our cleaners will work efficiently so that your company doesn’t incur too much lost downtime.
  • Your regular cleaning or janitorial crew cannot take care of this type of cleanup because, often, they don’t have the correct licenses to handle biohazardous substances.

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