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Thank you so very much for providing us such incredible service at my dad's house. My sister and I were just at a loss for words for how professional, thorough, and beyond considerate every member of your team were with us. I've never in my life had someone who was performing such intense and heavy labor look to me with a smile at every moment and tell me they could and would do anything I needed. I'll admit you and each of your men helped keep our souls afloat in a very, very difficult time in our family's history. We felt so assured every step of the way-- each of you went above and beyond any expectation we hoped for. We felt confident from the start that your company could handle the task of our house, but we could not have imagined how compassionate, non judgmental and reassuring all of our contact would be. Nothing but glowing reviews for each of your men and every aspect of their work.


I am writing today to tell you how grateful we are for what was done for us this weekend by your company and your dedicated team members.

In an unexpected circumstance, one sometimes does not know where to turn or what to ask. My first conversation was with you and you were very reassuring and shared very critical information quickly (that our claim would most likely be covered by homeowners insurance) and I thank you for that.

You immediately put me in touch with Joe Nowakowski and he has been amazing from the first call I had with him all the way through to our goodbye last night. I know this is what your company does, but Joe treated me like I was the most important thing in his world for the weekend. He was very attentive, very reassuring, comforting in a time of uncertainty. If he was not available and I left a message, he called back within moments and followed through on every single thing he told me.  He is an amazing asset to your company.

I met Joe, Justin and the crew yesterday morning and my next compliment goes to Justin. He is a very dedicated young man and I see him being a project manager someday like Joe! He was very informative, very confident in what he does and is more than happy to help in a time of need. The rest of the crew was right there, ready to get to work and very dedicated to what needed to be accomplished.

I felt very at ease yesterday having the crew cleaning my rental property and will be forever grateful to your company and your dedicated, heartfelt employees.

What you do is amazing, and you have amazing people on the front lines handling these situations that are horrible to folks like us.

Under the circumstances, it has been a pleasure working with your company.

Forever grateful –

Jason and Crystal

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