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Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding Cleanup

The Company to Rely On for Hoarding Cleanup in the Greater St. Louis Area, is Spaulding Decon

Spaulding Decon provides compassionate hoarding cleanup services in St. Louis and all surrounding cities. We provide help for animal hoarders, food hoarders, trash hoarders, and paper hoarders, ensuring they can get back on their feet after hoarding disease. Working with your family, we’ll come up with a cleanup plan to remove the hoarded materials and disinfect and decontaminate your home by our professional team of cleaners. We’ll work at a pace that feels most comfortable to you, going as fast or as slow as you need during the process. We can also help your family find counselors who specialize in hoarding disease to help you through the psychological effects of hoarding.

  • An animal hoarder is someone who keeps too many animals in their home and cannot provide the proper care for all of them.
  • In doing so, a home becomes unlivable with urine, feces, animal hair, odors, and more.
  • When you partner with Spaulding Decon for an animal hoarding cleanup, we’ll first rehome the animals to safe locations and then disinfect and decontaminate your home using our proprietary cleaning products and OSHA-compliant methods.
  • A food hoarder stockpiles food to keep for emergencies and other situations, but the problem is, they have so much food that it creates physical barriers and the food rots or spoils.
  • When we help food hoarders with cleanup services, we sort through the food to separate the unspoiled food from the spoiled food. Anything unspoiled is donated to local food charities in St. Louis while spoiled food is properly disposed of.
  • Then, once the stockpiled food has been removed from the home, we’ll do a deep clean using our proprietary cleaning products to remove all stains and odors.
  • A trash hoarder is someone who has a hard time getting rid of items that most people simply throw away. Instead, they keep these items, most of which have sentimental value to the hoarder, until a home is overrun with the hoarded materials.
  • Keeping these items means that your home has physical barriers that could make walking around difficult. The accumulation of trash also encourage critters and pests.
  • We’ll work with you to remove the trash from your home and then use professional-grade cleaners to get rid of any stains or odors.
  • A paper hoarder is someone who likes to hang on to paper objects, be they phone books, mail, newspapers, or regular books.
  • The accumulation of these paper objects leads to physical barriers in the house that make navigating around dangerous. Plus, they can bring about rodents.
  • Spaulding Decon will recycle the paper items for you and help you put your house back in order following hoarding disease. Once the paper items are removed, we’ll do a deep clean with our professional-grade cleaners.

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