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No. Our cleanup crew will arrive at your home in an unmarked van to ensure your complete privacy during this time. .

The total cost of our services depends on many factors, such as the cleaners and tools used, the number of cleaners that had to be dispatched, the type of cleanup, if we had to replace items in your home, and more. Before any work begins, however, we’ll provide you with a no-obligation estimate for you to approve.

The reason we don’t recommend this is because there are specific national and state guidelines in place for properly cleaning up biohazardous materials, as well as how to dispose of them. Most regular cleaning and janitorial service providers do not have the training or licenses to perform this type of job. At Spaulding Decon, we hold industry licenses for cleaning up biohazardous materials like blood and bodily fluids and have the proper mechanisms in place for disposing of these materials.

In many cases, your homeowners insurance will cover the cost of our crime scene cleanup services, as well as mold remediation. Auto insurance will also cover the cost of our services for cleaning your vehicle if it’s been involved in a traffic accident. In certain instances, our drug lab cleanup services have been covered by insurance, as well. For victims of a crime that may not have any insurance to rely on, the California Victim Compensation Board (CalVCB) can help pay for the expense of our services. At Spaulding Decon, we help our customers get the cost of our services covered by their insurance and we’ll be pleased to work with your insurance company or connect you with the CalVCB.

There are federal regulations in place that prevent employees from cleaning up biohazard scenes, which is why it is imperative to contact Spaulding Decon for a cleanup if an industrial accident or other trauma has occurred at your business. The only time an employee can clean up a biohazard scene at your business is if they have:

  • Developed the Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP) Exposure Control Plan for your business
  • Undergone bloodline pathogen training
  • Received the Hepatitis B vaccine and exposure evaluation and followup
  • Established a procedure for removing, storing, and disposing of biohazardous waste that follows federal regulations
  • Obtained personal protective equipment to utilize when cleaning up the blood spill

We can administer a legally defensible test to determine if your property has been used to manufacture methamphetamine. The test we administer examines all aspects of your property, including attics, sheds, and garages, and then the samples we gather will be sent to a federally certified lab to be analyzed.

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