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Fentanyl Cleanup

Fentanyl Cleanup

For a Professional Fentanyl Cleanup in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, or Another Nearby City, Count on Spaulding Decon

If you’re searching for a well-regarded company to perform a fentanyl cleanup at your home or business in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, or a surrounding city in California, then you can trust Spaulding Decon. We have helped home and business owners since 2005 with their drug lab cleanup needs. If you believe your property has been contaminated with fentanyl, we’ll work quickly and follow industry protocols to eradicate this harmful substance from your premises. Fentanyl is an opioid that is used as a painkiller, but has grown increasingly popular for people who want to manufacture it illegally, lacing it in oxycodone, codeine, cocaine, heroin, and other drugs. Since it has such a high potency — it is 50 to 100 times more than morphine — even the smallest dose can have fatal effects.

Is Fentanyl Safe if Prescribed by a Doctor?

Yes. If you have a prescription from your doctor and follow the dosage instructions, this drug is completely safe. Often, it helps cancer patients experiencing chronic pain find relief.

What Are the Risks of Misusing Fentanyl?

There are a variety of unpleasant side effects that can result due to misusing fentanyl, such as nausea or vomiting, slow breathing, confusion, hallucinations, drowsiness, difficulty speaking, and more. In addition, death is also a common side effect due to the fact that fentanyl is lethal in the smallest of doses (think: the equivalent of six grains of salt is the amount of fentanyl that can cause an overdose).

What Color is Fentanyl? Does It Have a Discernable Odor?

Fentanyl is white, though in some cases, green dust may result after the manufacturing process, since green dye is used. It does not have an odor.

How Do You Test for Fentanyl?

When you turn to Spaulding Decon for a fentanyl cleanup in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, or a nearby city, you won’t have to worry about testing your premises for the substance — we’ll do it for you. We are a licensed drug lab cleanup company that has been performing these types of services since 2005, and we understand how serious a fentanyl contamination is, which is why we’ll dispatch a team to your location within two hours of receiving your call, day or night; completely seal your home or commercial property to ensure no fentanyl escapes through the air while we’re cleaning; wear personal protective equipment and follow national protocols; and test your location once we’re finished to ensure the fentanyl has been eradicated.

  • Our first order of business when we come to your home is to do an extensive test and find out exactly where the drug manufacturing took place and the scope of it.
  • Our drug lab testing services examines all areas of your home, including attics, garages, sheds, and HVAC systems.
  • If the testing comes back conclusive for drug manufacturing, we’ll work quickly to decontaminate your home. Our drug and meth clean up services are thorough and we use proprietary cleaners to ensure all drug residue is eradicated.
  • We’re trusted by many different businesses, as well as police departments and law enforcement agencies, for drug lab cleanup and we’ll be pleased to come to your home or business to efficient cleanup services.
  • For every drug lab cleanup we complete, we have the property tested by a third party after our services are finished because we believe in going the extra mile for our customers.
  • During our cleanup process, we will take thorough notes for our reports - reports that are legally defensible, if necessary.
  • We’re a Clandestine Methamphetamine Lab Decontamination Contractor that can provide proper testing services to effectively conclude if your home or business has been used as meth lab and thus, you require meth cleaning services.
  • We use composite testing for meth labs that examine every aspect of your property, including exterior structures like sheds, and you’ll have the results in a few days.
  • If the results are positive for meth manufacturing, Spaulding Decon can effectively eradicate the problem and provide you with a legally defensible report at the completion of the service.
  • Not interested in pursuing full-scale meth lab testing at this moment? No problem! For $47, you can buy our at-home meth lab testing kit.
  • With one of our at-home kits, you can test four areas of your property using swap tests. You’ll send these tests to a federally certified lab and get your results within a few days.
  • If it turns out that your property was used as a meth lab, we can provide the specialized services you need to restore your home or business.
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