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Hoarding Cleanup

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Hoarding Cleanup in Los Angeles

The Choice for Hoarding Clean Up Services in Los Angeles

If you, a member of your family, or a friend is struggling with hoarding, the team at Spaulding Decon® Van Nuys can help. We are trusted providers of hoarding cleanup services throughout Los Angeles CA and the surrounding areas, helping people reclaim their space and their way of life. Our team will provide you with full-service cleaning and remediation of hoarding-affected areas, and we can connect you with local support systems for hoarders.

Hoarding clean up services from Spaulding Decon® Van Nuys are available throughout the Los Angeles metro area. Our team provides cleanup services in areas like Anaheim, Santa Monica, Long Beach, and Pasadena, as well as in smaller communities nearby. Our services include cleaning, remediation, and repair of hoarding-affected areas and cover all types of hoarding, including

  • Animal hoarding occurs when a person has numerous pets, higher than is typical, and is not properly caring for the animals.
  • When you call us for an animal hoarding clean up in the Van Nuys area, we’ll first remove the animals and rehome them to safe locations and then get to work disinfecting your home.
  • Our licensed and certified technicians will work efficiently using specialty cleaners to ensure all odors, stains, bodily fluids, and other residue are properly eradicated.
  • A food hoarder is someone who stores a large quantity of food on hand, so much so that the food spoils and rots, or causes the presence of ants or rodents.
  • For food hoarding cleaning, we’ll begin by removing the hoarded food and either properly disposing of it or giving it away to local food pantries.
  • After the cleanup process, we can also work with your family to find a counselor to help with the healing process.
  • A trash hoarder is one who holds on to trash in their home, sometimes trash of sentimental value but trash nonetheless. It often creates hazards in the home, as well as the presence of rodents.
  • At Spaulding Decon, our first concern will be to remove the trash and dispose of it according to national and state protocols and then to disinfect the home itself.
  • We can also help you file insurance claims to get the cost of our service covered.
  • A paper hoarder is one who holds on to paper objects, such as pieces of mail, old newspapers, books, and more. Paper hoarding can often cause physical barriers in the home, resulting in unsafe living conditions.
  • Our paper hoarder cleaning services entail removing all of the trash from the home and then doing a proper deep clean using our proprietary cleaning products.
  • All of the paper we remove will be properly disposed of - ideally, we’ll recycle it - during the hoarding removal process.

Hoarding Cleanup & Remediation Specialists in Los Angeles

At Spaulding Decon® Van Nuys, we know how difficult, overwhelming, and stressful hoarding can be. What started as a small and harmless collection of items has transformed over the years into a mountain of a cleanup project. You don’t know where to begin or how to begin. Thankfully, we do…

Over the years, we’ve tackled countless hoarding cleanup jobs in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We will bring our experience and expertise to your clean up project, so that your home can be cleaned as efficiently, effectively, and safely as possible.

Our cleaners at Spaulding Decon® Van Nuys are experienced with all types of hoarding, so we know how to plan ahead for the kinds of complications and difficulties that often arise with these kinds of projects. This includes the presence of biohazards, such as mold growth or pest feces, both of which are commonly found in homes where hoarding is a problem. Our hoarding cleanup teams in Los Angeles include biohazard remediation experts who can safely remove these materials and restore your home so that it’s safe to be lived in once again.

Here is a brief look at what families can expect from our clean up services:

  • We start with a detailed consultation and planning process. We examine hoarding-affected areas, look for signs of biohazards, and compile a cleaning plan for your property.
  • We remove unwanted items from the property, following biohazard-removal protocols for any items or materials that contain mold, rot, pest waste, or other toxic substances.
  • We deep clean your home to remove substances like dust, dirt, oils, grime, mold, mildew, etc. If any materials are damaged to the point that they need to be repaired or replaced, we will fully restore these areas.
  • We help hoarders recover lost valuables, find a second home for gently used items, and responsibly dispose of hoarded materials. We also provide references to local psychologists and social workers who help hoarders within the Los Angeles area.

Learn more about our hoarding cleanup services for Los Angeles CA and get a free quote by calling Spaulding Decon® Van Nuys at (818) 742-0550 today!

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