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Prompt Mold Remediation from the Experienced Team at Spaulding Decon for Residents in Van Nuys, CA, and All Neighboring Communities

If you discover a mold growth at your home in Van Nuys, California, or a surrounding area, it’s important to seek out the mold remediation experts that you can count on to provide you with prompt service - Spaulding Decon. We have more than a decade of experience in the mold removal industry and our trained and certified remediators will arrive to your home within hours of receiving your call to take care of your problem. At Spaulding Decon, we understand how dangerous mold growth is, which is why we take a expedited approach for our customers in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, and other surrounding cities who come to us for this service.

  • First, a Spaulding Decon technician will come to your home to examine your property and assess the extent of the mold growth.
  • Second, using professional-grade cleaners and specialty tools and following national and state protocols, our technicians will eradicate the mold thoroughly. This may involve removing drywall and flooring and, if so, we will replace the items in your home.
  • Third, we’ll bring in a third-party hygienist to examine your home and make sure we have performed our mold remediation services thoroughly.
  • Fourth, you’ll receive a clean bill of health for your home to certify that your home is completely free of mold.

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