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Rodent Dropping Cleanup

Rodent Dropping Cleanup

Rodent Dropping Cleanup in Los Angeles

After a rodent infestation, your property needs professional decontamination. Rodent urine and droppings aren't only the cause of lingering odors and ugly stains. They’re also a serious — and potentially lethal — health risk. That’s why homeowners in Los Angeles CA turn to the rodent dropping cleanup experts at Spaulding Decon® Van Nuys.

Our biohazard remediation teams have the experience, expertise, and equipment to handle any rodent dropping clean up, no matter how extensive. Even better, our services cover all aspects of the cleanup process, including disinfection, deodorization, and structural remediation.

Spaulding Decon® Van Nuys provides rodent dropping cleanup services throughout the Los Angeles CA metro area. Our service area includes Los Angeles, Anaheim, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Pasadena, and surrounding areas.

Rodent Dropping Clean Up Services

A rodent infestation is a major health hazard. It remains a health hazard even after the rats or mice are long gone. That’s because rodent urine and droppings are known carriers of deadly bacteria and viruses, including a family of viruses called Hantaviruses. If rodent waste is moved or disturbed in any way, Hantavirus particles can become airborne. When inhaled, these particles can result in Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), a severe and potentially fatal respiratory illness.

By choosing rodent dropping clean up services from Spaulding Decon® Van Nuys, residents of greater Los Angeles can ensure that their home is safely cleaned and decontaminated following a rodent infestation. Our team is professionally trained and fully certified to perform rodent dropping cleanups in the Los Angeles metro area. We always follow exacting health and safety practices in our rodent dropping remediation services.

Here’s a quick look at what greater Los Angeles residents can expect during a rodent dropping clean up from Spaulding Decon® Van Nuys.

  • We perform a detailed assessment of your property prior to cleanup, determining the extent of rodent waste and damage.
  • We develop a customized cleanup plan for your property, including disinfection, deodorization, and remediation.
  • We safely clean up any rodent waste, including the safe containment, removal, and disposal of waste materials.
  • We fully disinfect any contaminated materials, using commercial-strength disinfectants.
  • We deodorize all affected areas, ensuring no trace odors remain from rodent urine or feces.
  • If structural damage requires the replacement of damaged materials, we will remove these materials and reconstruct these areas of your property.
  • We will fully document all of our findings and our work to help you during the insurance claim process. Our services are fully covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies.

Request an estimate, book your cleanup, or learn more about our rodent dropping cleanup services for the Los Angeles CA area by calling Spaulding Decon® Van Nuys today at (818) 742-0550.

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