Meth Lab Test Kits

 meth lab test kit
Are you living in a former meth lab home? Do you suspect your tenants of cooking meth in your home?

Many prospective homeowners find great deals on foreclosures.  Some foreclosures may have been used for illegal activity, or meth manufacturing.  There are no laws in many states requiring the disclosure of a former meth lab.  The chemicals used to manufacture meth can be lethal.  If you suspect your house was used to manufacture methamphetamine please test your home.  Spaulding Decon has created a low cost method of testing your residence with your very own Meth Lab Test Kits.  Instead of having a certified technician test your residence, which is expensive, you can test it yourself. sm Meth Lab KitIt’s simple, and best of all; we walk you through the entire process for a fraction of the cost of sending a certified technician. Spaulding Decon will mail you a home meth lab test kit with a complete set of instructions.  For $47 we include in your packet a pair of nitrile gloves, a chain of custody form, templates, and the jar containing your wipes.  One jar allows you to test 4 different areas.  Simply follow the instructions, and take the sample jar to the post office and mail it to the laboratory. Meth Lab Test kits can be mailed nationwide, and are interpreted by a certified laboratory.  You will receive your results in 3 to 4 business days.   Cost includes laboratory fees.







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 $47.00 for each sample kit plus shipping.  Call our offices to order your kit and submit payment. 

*There are no refunds due to quality control.