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Drug Lab Cleanup


Drug Lab Cleanup (Houses)

Drug Lab Cleanup (Houses)

If you believe your home was previously used as a drug lab by the former owners, or if you had a renter in a house utilize your property for manufacturing home-made drugs, you need a meth lab cleanup company with the knowledge and experience to completely remove all traces of the drug residue and restore the house. That’s where Spaulding Decon comes in.

Spaulding Decon is a full service remediation company, and we specialize in meth lab cleanup. If a home was used as a meth lab or as a site for manufacturing other types of homemade drugs, there is no better team to call other than our expert drug lab cleaners. Our thorough process is what truly sets us apart:

  • Before we begin cleanup, our crew will enter your home and conduct extensive testing to identify all the areas of the home that might have been affected by drug manufacture or have harmful residues present.
  • After ascertaining the extent of the damage, our cleaning crews get to work safely and efficiently removing all traces of the drugs, equipment, and damaged items such as flooring, walls, furniture, and decor. In fact, we follow state-specific meth lab cleanup standards to ensure your home in properly cleaned.
  • Unlike our competitors, we hire a third-party testing company to re-test the property for clearance to ensure that we have completely eliminated all harmful substances from the home.

In addition to the above benefits, our team will thoroughly document the process from start to finish. Our reporting is legally defensible, which will help you in court and for getting our services paid for.

If you are interested in learning more about our residential meth lab cleanup services, contact Spaulding Decon today at 866-993-3266. A member of our team will provide you with all the additional information you want, and we will connect you with the cleaning crew that services your area.

We require third party clearance testing to avoid conflict of interest.