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Once police have finished processing a crime scene, the area often requires professional cleaning and biohazard remediation. Unfortunately, law enforcement are rarely able to provide these services. That’s why homeowners and businesses in Canton GA turn to the crime scene cleanup experts at Spaulding Decon® of Dalton.

Spaulding Decon® Dalton specializes in crime scene cleanups and biohazard remediation, serving the residents of Canton and northwest Georgia. Our crime scene clean up services are available in Canton, Dalton and nearby areas like Douglasville, Woodstock, Dalton, Cartersville, and Ellijay. Thanks to our rigorous standards and uncompromising customer service, we’ve earned the trust of local homeowners, businesses, property managers, and law enforcement agencies.

Our crime scene cleanup services include:

  • When a fight or trauma breaks out in a jail cell, it’s important to have the area cleaned to get rid of blood, viruses and bacteria. We can do exactly that.
  • If a police cruiser has been involved in a traffic accident or a crime, we can clean the interior to rid it of blood, drug residue, bodily fluids, and more.
  • We also clean evidence lockers to makre sure the environment is clean of viruses and bacteria.
  • If trauma has occurred at your home or business and you have a blood spill, count on us to efficiently and thoroughly clean it up.
  • Since blood contains harmful viruses and bacteria, it is not a benign substance and therefore cannot be thoroughly cleaned up with household cleaners.
  • We’ll even remove all stains to ensure the location looks as it did before the trauma occurred.
  • If a homicide has happened, this is a traumatic time and it’s important to trust a team to be discreet and efficient in restoring the location.
  • We’ll arrive in unmarked vans and unmarked uniforms and be respectful of your needs during this time.
  • Afterwards, we can help with insurance paperwork to get our services covered, as well as provide legal documentation for court cases.
  • If your area has been sprayed with tear gas, you’ll want to have the location professionally cleaned up, as tear gas produces violent bodily reactions.
  • We’ll clean up the tear gas and then thoroughly test the area to ensure every trace of the substance has been removed.
  • If any property has to be removed during our cleanup process, we’ll replace it.
  • We’ll be discreet when we come to your home to restore it after it has had a suicide occur in it.
  • Our cleanup services are so thorough that your home will look exactly as it did before the trauma, removing any evidence of this difficult time.
  • We offer support services for our clients, including counselors to help your family in the aftermath.
  • If someone has died in your home, whether through trauma or of natural causes, it’s a good idea to have the home professionally cleaned.
  • The reason why is because there is often blood, toxins, odors, and other biohazardous substances that require professional-grade cleaners to completely eradicate.
  • Since our services can often be covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy, we’ll help you with insurance paperwork to ensure you don’t have to pay out of pocket.
  • When someone dies alone at home, it can sometimes be days or weeks before the body is found.
  • When that happens, the result is decomposition odors, bodily fluids, blood-borne pathogens, and more present in the home.
  • Trust Spaulding Decon to not only restore the home so that no stains are left behind, but also to eradicate any odors in the air.
  • Spaulding Decon provides cleanup services for accidents that happen at a facility, like accidental death, blood spills, infectious disease contamination, and more.
  • We understand that downtime at your facility results in monetary losses, so we’ll work quickly to take care of the area so your workers can get back to their jobs.
  • Everything we do will be carefully documented for legal and insurance purposes.


Crime scene restorations are never easy. In many cases — especially after the death or injury of a loved one — the process can be traumatic for property owners. At Spaulding Decon® Dalton, we strive to minimize the stress of crime scene cleanups. We offer 24/7 availability, rapid response, and discreet service, backed by state-of-the-art biohazard remediation protocols.

Here are some of the key points that Canton homeowners and businesses can expect from our crime scene cleanup services:

  • Cleanup teams arrive within 2 hours of all emergency service requests.
  • Our vans and uniforms are unmarked to preserve discretion and privacy.
  • Site assessments include detailed documentation of damage and biohazards.
  • Biohazard containment and disposal is performed by fully licensed technicians.
  • Porous surfaces are cleaned using specialized deep cleaning products.
  • Professional-grade disinfectants are used to eliminate bacteria and viruses.
  • Ozone cleaning treatments are performed to neutralize lingering odors.
  • If structural components are compromised, we remove and reconstruct these components.

Our crime scene cleanup services for Canton, Dalton, and the surrounding areas are performed by experienced technicians, all of whom have undergone rigorous training in crime scene cleaning and biohazard remediation. We equip our technicians with proven cleaning products and technologies, ensuring a deeper, healthier, and safer clean for your property. Additionally, we meet or exceed all state and national safety regulations, including OSHA standards.

Finally, we know that many residents of Canton are concerned about the costs of crime scene cleanup and restoration. By choosing Spaulding Decon® Dalton, you can put these concerns to rest. Our services are covered by homeowner’s insurance and we are careful to document our work for insurance claims.

Spaulding Decon® Dalton provides crime scene cleanup services in Canton GA and nearby areas, including Dalton, Douglasville, Woodstock, Cartersville, and Ellijay. Contact us by phone at (470) 239-2440 or by text at (470) 539-8740 to place a request for fast-response clean up services.

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