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Drug Lab Cleanup

Drug Lab Cleanup

Compassionate Hoarding Cleanup Services for Residents of Marietta, GA, and Surrounding Cities

Are you seeking hoarding cleanup services for yourself or a loved one in Marietta, GA? If so, count on Spaulding Decon. We offer discreet and compassionate hoarding cleanup that helps you through the emotional process of dealing with hoarded materials and the underlying psychological conditions. Plus, we’ll not only clean your home and restore it to a pristine condition, but also offer various support services like connecting your family with counselors.

  • Whether you had a renter who used your property as a drug lab or you believe your new home was previously used as a drug lab, we can help.
  • We’ll first extensively test the location to confirm drug manufacturing took place and to learn the scope of the cleaning.
  • Your home will be expertly and thoroughly cleaned of all drug paraphernalia, residue, and more to restore it to its original condition.
  • From hotel rooms to warehouses, we clean up commercial properties that were used as drug labs.
  • After we’ve finished our cleanup service, we’ll bring in a third-party hygienist to inspect the property and ensure all drug residue has been eradicated.
  • Everything we do is legally defensible and we will carefully document our work, which can be used in court cases, if necessary.
  • If you suspect your home or business has been used as a meth lab, we can test the area to provide an accurate confirmation.
  • We’ll do composite testing for every area of your property, even exterior facilities, and provide you with results with a few days.
  • As a Clandestine Methamphetamine Lab Decontamination Contractor, we can expertly clean up your home or business if you require cleanup services.
  • We offer $47 + $6.95 shipping meth lab testing kits for home and business owners who don’t want to commit to a full meth lab test.
  • In this kit, you’ll test up to four areas of your property and then send the swap tests to a federally certified lab.
  • You’ll be able to easily perform this testing, thanks to a step-by-step video tutorial that helps you through the process.
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