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Mold Remediation in Canton


When you spot or suspect a mold infestation, you need to act quickly and decisively. The longer you wait, the more places mold will spread, and the more expensive mold removal becomes. So instead of waiting, call the team at Spaulding Decon® of Dalton. We provide quick, discreet, and professional mold remediation services in the Canton GA area, serving residential and commercial customers.

By choosing Spaulding Decon® of Dalton for your mold remediation needs, you’re choosing peace of mind. We’re trusted throughout the Canton area for our commitment to customer service and our uncompromising quality standards on any decontamination and remediation project. We will respond promptly to your request for mold removal, eradicate the infestation in your home or business, and leave your property with a clean bill of health.

  • First, we perform a detailed inspection of mold-infested areas. Mold spores can easily penetrate and infest porous surfaces, or take root in hidden areas, like inside your walls. Our specialists are familiar with mold growth patterns, allowing us to locate mold in areas you might have missed. We also use this initial assessment to identify the type of mold we’re dealing with, spot moisture issues that are encouraging mold growth, and provide you with an accurate quote.
  • Second, our cleaning team will tackle the mold head-on. Our mold remediation teams in Canton are equipped with professional-grade cleaners that eliminate mold growth on a wide range of surfaces. In some cases, infestation of porous or fibrous materials (like drywall, wood, or carpeting) may require the removal of these materials. Our team will carefully remove the affected sections. Afterward, we will bring in a restoration specialist to repair, reconstruct, or replace any areas where materials were removed.
  • Third, Spaulding Decon® of Dalton will present your home or business with a clean bill of health. Just as importantly, we’ll present you with any documentation that you need to support an insurance claim.

Spaulding Decon® of Dalton is proud to offer mold remediation services to residential and commercial properties throughout Canton GA and surrounding areas. In addition to Canton, our list of communities served also includes Douglasville, Woodstock, Dalton, Cartersville, Ellijay, and other nearby areas.

Learn more about our mold remediation services for the Canton area and schedule a mold assessment by calling Spaulding Decon® of Dalton today at (470) 239-2440.

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