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Rodent Dropping Cleanup

Rodent Dropping Cleanup

Rodent Dropping Cleanup in Canton

Cleaning up after a rodent infestation is no simple task. As unpleasant as rodent waste may look or smell, that’s nothing next to the potentially lethal biohazards contained in rodent droppings and rodent urine. Instead of attempting cleanup by yourself, turn to Canton GA’s rodent dropping clean up experts. As Canton’s trusted biohazard remediation providers, Spaulding Decon® of Dalton offers comprehensive rodent dropping clean up services, including decontamination, deodorization, and structural remediation after a rodent infestation.

Spaulding Decon® of Dalton provides rodent dropping clean up services for residential and non-residential properties throughout the Canton GA area. Our service area includes Canton, Douglasville, Woodstock, Dalton, Cartersville, Ellijay, and surrounding areas.

Our Rodent Dropping Clean Up Services

At Spaulding Decon® of Dalton, we know how dangerous a rodent infestation can be. Rats, mice, and other rodents can chew through construction materials, compromise electrical systems, and contaminate large sections of your home. Contamination generally occurs through urine and feces, which spread harmful contagions. The most dangerous of these contagions are known as Hantaviruses, a family of potentially lethal viruses than become airborne when rodent urine or droppings are disturbed.

After a rodent infestation, you can rely on our cleanup services to safely remove any rodent waste, to disinfect all affected surfaces, and to eliminate any lingering odors. We can also restore any structurally damaged or compromised areas.

Our rodent dropping clean up services in Canton cover all of the following:

  • Your clean up starts with a detailed preliminary inspection of your home.
  • Our technicians document all signs of rodent waste and rodent damage.
  • We develop a custom rodent dropping cleanup plan for your home.
  • Specialized equipment is used to collect, contain, remove, and dispose of all rodent droppings.
  • Our technicians clean and disinfect all surfaces, using commercial-strength disinfectants.
  • Ozone deodorization technologies are used to eliminate any lingering odors.

If damage or contamination is extensive, we may need to perform restoration work. We will remove damaged and/or contaminated materials and fully reconstruct these areas.

Rodent dropping cleanup services from Spaulding Decon® of Dalton are performed by professionally trained teams of biohazard technicians, who are fully certified to perform biohazard remediation within the Canton area. Additionally, we are careful to document all of our initial findings as well as all of the work we perform. This will ensure you have all necessary documentation when placing an insurance claim for rodent dropping remediation.

Request a free quote, schedule your cleanup, or learn more about our rodent dropping cleanup services for the Canton GA area by calling Spaulding Decon® of Dalton today at (470) 239-2440.

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