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Eliminated Toxic Materials and Mold

Todd was very helpful. He was able to point out signs that indicated the source of the damage so we could consider that when having the work done. He also suggested working with my home owners insurance based and I was able to file a claim that covered the repair work. The insurance company felt his rates were very reasonable and were also pleased.

Josh L. | Burnsville, MN

Spaulding Decon came to my rescue!

I am a Real Estate Broker and I need to be able to assist my clients with unforseen problems with their homes. I appreciate the quick response, constant updates, and very professional way that Todd and his crew dealt with our issue and went out of their way to make sure we understood the process

My clients are so pleased and the home looks great! I will never hesitate to call Spaulding Decon and it is nice to know we have a local company in Minnesota that I can call on and know the job will be done right

Candy G. | Park Rapids, MN

Amazing. A 90 year old friend of ours recently had a heart attack and moved to a nursing home. We went to his house which we found to be floor to rafters in the basement and in the garage of junk (he collected old electronics--toxic waste). The main floor was 4 feet deep of trash pierced with small footpaths of trash, empty food containers, more electronics, dirty laundry, moldy furniture etc. Literally tons of debris. (We let the church and family take what he gave to them) Todd at Spaulding was prompt and professional. Their anonymous white truck-kept backing up again and again to the garage-several trips per day for a week and then they did a thorough clean on the empty house. It was on budget and on time but also with professional attention to privacy and sadness.

Steven M. | White Bear Lake, MN

This is an amazing company to work with. They were fast to respond to our situation and stayed on schedule when they began the job. Our place looks great and we are so satisfied with the finished product. Highly recommend this company!

Kaydell | Badger, MN

Spaulding Decon exceeded my expectations. Thoroughly professional, discreet and dependable. Highly recommend their problem-solving skills.

Denese J. | Minnetonka, MN

These guys were very professional and I would highly recommended them.

Jay H. | Plymouth, MN

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