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Forensic Cleaning Services in St. Louis, Missouri

January 9, 2018

Since mid-2017, Spaulding Decon has been operating in St. Louis, Missouri, adding to the over 10 years of proven dedication and excellence that Spaulding Decon has been providing all over the country. Their prime services lie in Forensic cleaning. Their Forensic Cleaning services mostly entail drug lab, homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup. If you are in need of such services, Spaulding Decon is the company to turn to. For over 10 years, they have ...

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Hazmat Cleanup St. Louis, MO

November 29, 2017

Hazardous cleanup commonly comes in two forms, biological or chemical. Biological cleanup consists of any biological hazards: blood, feces, rodent droppings and includes murder, death, and other trauma scenes. Chemical cleanup consists of clandestine drug labs (methamphetamine labs), tear gas cleanup, asbestos, and other chemically originated incidents. Spaulding Decon’s Hazmat cleanup services cover all of this and more. When you encounter a situation that requires Hazmat, it is important to contact a professional service ...

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What is involved in Fentanyl Cleanup?

November 28, 2017

What is involved in Fentanyl Cleanup?

Fentanyl is deadly in doses smaller than that of morphine, cocaine, and heroin. Because it is so lethal, there is a lot involved when it comes to fentanyl cleanup. When cleaning it requires the highest level of PPE as prescribed by the CDC. In Fentanyl Cleanup, it is all hands, special equipment, strongest protection and safest procedures on deck. Although each clandestine drug cleanup is serious and involves a high amount of care, because of ...

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How to Remove Mold

November 21, 2017

Many homes and buildings have some degree of mold in them Mold thrives in weather between 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit in damp, shaded, or low-lit places. Mold can be found in the home in places where those conditions are optimal. For the safety of one's health and the well-being of the family and home, it is important to detect mold as early as possible and quickly then quickly remove the mold. Mold removal ...

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Who is responsible for cleaning up blood from a crime scene in St. Louis, Missouri?

September 1, 2017

Being the victim of a crime is horrible. From the traumatic experience of the crime itself to the aftermath and the cleanup, it is never a pleasant experience. Do you know what happens to the crime scene after the fact? It is a common misconception that people have that police or other law enforcement clean a crime scene after a crime. In no case does this happen. So, then who does? Well, those are the ...

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