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Drug Lab Cleanup

Drug Lab Cleanup

Drug Lab Cleanup Services for the Greater St. Louis Community

Spaulding Decon Has You Covered for a drug lab cleanup from a professional, certified team in the Greater St. Louis area, count on Spaulding Decon. Since 2005, we have been helping families and businesses with drug lab remediation, helping to decontaminate their properties so that they no longer have to worry about drug residue infecting their spaces. We pride ourselves on offering discreet service for our drug lab cleanups, which is why we always arrive in unmarked vans and wear unidentifiable uniforms. So, if you have nosy neighbors or curious customers, they won’t have any idea why we are on your premises.

  • We can provide certified cleanup services for your residential home if it has been used as a drug lab by the previous owners or renters on your property.
  • We’ll provide thorough testing where we’ll inspect every area of your home, including your HVAC unit, shed, garage, and attic. This allows us to understand the scope of the cleanup.
  • Once we understand exactly where the drug manufacturing occurred, we’ll work quickly to eradicate it and have a third-party hygienist test your home to ensure we have done our job.
  • From hotel rooms to warehouses, our commercial drug lab cleanup services cover all sorts of commercial properties.
  • Before we begin any sort of cleanup, we’ll first conduct a thorough test to understand the extent of the drug manufacturing. Once we understand the scope of the cleanup, our certified forensic cleaners will work promptly to eradicate all drug residue from the area.
  • Our team of forensic cleaners hold industry licenses for drug residue cleanup and they will provide careful, legally defensible reports for your records.
  • Not sure if your property has been used as a drug lab and want to receive testing before moving forward? Spaulding Decon can help with that!
  • Our testing services are extensive and, as a Clandestine Methamphetamine Lab Decontamination Contractor, you can count on us to know exactly what we’re doing.
  • You’ll receive the results of your test within a few days and we can schedule a drug lab cleanup at your home or business in St. Louis if the results are positive for drug residue.
  • For those who require a more affordable alternative to our full-scale meth lab testing services, we offer a $47 + $6.95 shipping meth lab testing kit that can be done at home.
  • Our meth lab testing kits examine four areas of your home and come with video instructions to ensure you are properly using the test.
  • The samples you take will be sent to a federally certified lab and you’ll have your results within a few days. If the results are positive, you’ll want to hire a professional cleanup company to take care of the residue, and you can hire Spaulding Decon for the job — we’ll even provide you with a no-obligation estimate for our services, so you have a ballpark figure for how much the meth lab cleanup with cost.
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