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No. We will arrive in an unmarked van and wear plain uniforms to protect your privacy. We understand that a crime scene or hoarding cleanup can be a particularly fraught time, and we go the extra mile to ensure you don’t have to answer to nosy neighbors.

It depends on the type of cleanup you needed, the number of cleaners required, whether or not items in your home like furniture had to be replaced during the cleanup, and other factors. You’ll receive an estimate from us before we begin any part of the cleanup process that will provide a ballpark figure.

Regular cleaning and janitorial services do not have the proper certifications for this type of cleanup, which is why it is essential to call Spaulding Decon when you need biohazard removal. Our cleaners hold industry licenses for biohazardous substances, which means they have been trained on removing blood and bodily fluids and properly disposing of it. We are also an OSHA-compliant company.

Your homeowners insurance will usually cover crime scene cleanup and drug lab cleanup while your auto insurance may cover cleaning your vehicle after a traffic accident. We work with our customers to make sure our services are covered under their insurance, if possible, and document everything we do for insurance purposes.

If you are the victim of a crime and do not have insurance, the Missouri Department of Public Safety Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC) Program could be a resource to you. We can help put you in contact with a representative of the CVC Program to see if you qualify for their services.

In general, no. There are very specific regulations that must be in place if you want an employee to clean a biohazard scene. These scenes are quite dangerous and the biohazardous substances need to be cleaned properly and disposed of in the right way. However, if the following statements are true for an employee at your company, they may be able to clean the scene:

  • The employee knows every federal guideline on removing, storing, and disposing of waste.
  • The employee has been given the Hepatitis B vaccination, as well as any exposure evaluations and followup.
  • The employee has the correct OSHA-compliant personal protective equipment to wear.
  • The employee has maintained a Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP) Exposure Control Plan for your company.
  • The employee is trained on how to handle bloodline pathogens.

We would be happy to conduct a test at your home to verify if it is contaminated with meth. We will test your entire property, even outside areas like sheds and garages, and then send samples to a federally certified lab. You’ll have results within a few days. In addition, we sell an at-home testing kit for your convenience for $49.

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