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Decomposing Body Guide

When a person dies, a series of biological reactions take place. In ideal circumstances, bodies are prepared for burial or cremation by health experts who know how to control the situation. Grieving families have a chance to see the prepared and sterilized remains before saying goodbye.

Nature is not so delicate. An unattended death is when a person dies alone. A death could be the result of a sudden illness, accident, or even a suicide. Without someone present to take control of the situation, the body decomposes, and things can get yucky.

Why It’s Hazardous

A decomposing body begins to liquefy. The blood, fluids, and tissues turn into an inky goo that seeps into porous materials. Odors form due to bacterial activity, and contaminated surfaces present the risk of infection. The process of decomposition accelerates in humid climates. Depending on your location, the biological damage left in the wake of an unattended death may take effect immediately.

What to Do About It

If you’ve recently discovered a body, contact the authorities and file a report. After their investigation, the police may remove the larger remains, but officials typically do nothing to clean what’s left behind. Contaminated furniture, carpets, and painted surfaces still hold blood and fluids.  

Do not attempt to clean the remains yourself. At Spaulding Decon, our experts restore the site of an unattended death making it safe to inhabit again.

  • Trained to use special industrial cleaners that kill bacteria and disinfect through porous material

  • Dispose of biological waste in environmentally safe containers

  • Have access to special ozone cleaning equipment to destroy lingering odors

Keep yourself and your family healthy. Allow a remediation professional to handle one of these situations for you.

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