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Hoarding Relative Help in Tampa

Hoarding is the collection of useless items that impedes the functionality of a home.  A hoarder never throws anything away. Piles of useless junk and garbage clutter rooms and hallways making it difficult to live in a home. The situation is frustrating and potentially hazardous as well. At Spaulding Decon, our hoarding cleanup service can help.

What Causes Hoarding?

Mental health experts recognize hoarding behavior as an illness. It typically is the result of a traumatic incident that occurred in their life.   Those suffering from the condition feel a deep sense of loss or fear when discarding items. Nearly everyone has some collection of keepsakes or personal memorabilia, but hoarding is different. To be considered hoarding, the volume of material must become a physical or biological hazard.

Why Hoarding Is Dangerous

There are different severities, and some cases are worse than others. The volume of stockpiled material often depends on how long the condition has affected a person. There are 5 levels on the Hoarding scale which can be found here; https://challengingdisorganization.org/resources/clutter-hoarding-scale

Commonly recognized hazards include:

  • Increased risk of fire due to flammable debris stored close to heaters

  • Infestation of vermin as the result of rotting food or animal remains

  • Falling injuries when piled materials topple over onto inhabitants

  • Becoming trapped inside a room when debris blocks exits

  • Illnesses caused by poor air quality or infectious materials in the clutter

Hoarding is also a hazard to emergency crews who must enter homes to rescue victims. If a responder cannot safely navigate through a house, they may become injured while performing their duties.

What Can Be Done About It?

If you have a loved one suffering from a condition of hoarding, the first thing to remember is that it is an illness that requires treatment. Avoid becoming angry or judgmental. You need to help this person realize that treatment is required.

A doctor should examine for signs of physical illness, and cognitive behavioral therapy can help to relieve the distress fueling the behavior. Our hoarding cleanup service removes clutter and clears away biological hazards. We can even get rid of lingering odors.  

Getting Started

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