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Suicide Cleanup Guide

Living through the death of a loved one is a difficult time for families. Suicides place additional pressures on survivors. The grief, hurt, and confusion can overwhelm you, and you may not know what to do. The experts at Spaulding Decon help families by managing many of the practical steps during these times including suicide cleanup.

Should You Call the Police?

Yes. Call the police. Suicide is not a death of natural causes. In most states, the law requires a formal investigation. The authorities have a responsibility to make certain there was no crime committed. If you’ve discovered a body, contact the authorities right away. During the investigation, the police will document the conditions and gather evidence. You may need to make a statement and help identify the body. Make sure ask for personal items to be returned after the investigation is complete.

Cleaning Up

The authorities typically remove the body and larger remains, but they do not clean the site for you. Depending on the method of suicide, the area could be contaminated with blood, bodily fragments, and other fluids. Left untreated, these remains become hazardous.

Trust a trained professional to clean the remains for you, using methods that include:

  • Biohazard containment – Proper disposal of waste in safe containers
  • Cleanse Porous Materials – Remove blood from carpets, painted surfaces, and furniture
  • Disinfect Contamination – Kill bacteria that may cause illnesses
  • Odor Removal – Industrial equipment wipes out odors

You may find the trauma of living through such a moment is overwhelming. Our professionals at Spaulding Decon work quickly to restore your site and remove the signs of tragedy.

Moving Forward

It’s common to experience strong negative emotions. Keep in mind that the death was not your fault and you didn’t do anything wrong. If you are having difficulty reconciling the events, seek professional counseling to help manage any lingering emotional distress. At Spaulding Decon, our suicide cleanup services lift some of the burdens off your shoulders. Call (866) 993-32667 and ask to speak with our providers in your area.