Cleaning Up After a Death

Cleaning up after death is something no one should have to do.  Professional companies exist to clean biohazards after death. Even if a family member passed away unattended for a few days with no trauma the natural breakdown of the body can cause blood, urine, feces, and a terrible odor to be left behind.


Understanding the Cost of Cleaning Up a Death Scene

There are companies who can assist you in cleaning up after death or an accident. The biggest misconception is that it is terribly expensive.  Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover the cost of cleaning a death scene.


The costs associated with cleaning up a death scene are biohazard disposal, disinfectants, tyvek suits, odor remediation equipment, and in some cases, demolition equipment to remove floors and drywall. It is not uncommon that people calling for a death scene cleanup are shocked by the price. One must understand that this is not your typical maid service. There are biological hazards involved along with expensive remediation equipment. This is not a bucket and bleach type of cleanup.


Navigating the Cleanup Process after a Tragic Loss

The average cost to cleanup a death scene is between $2500-$5000.  If you have homeowners insurance it would be wise to file a claim to cover these costs.  An estimate is usually given before any job begins, however it is not always perfectly accurate.  


Don't Go it Alone: The Benefits of Hiring a Death Scene Cleanup Company

There is no way to see if the blood or biohazard fluids have seeped into grout lines, base plates, behind baseboards etc. Demolition must occur first for this to be determined. When calling a company to clean up a death scene it is important to ask for proof of insurance and workers compensation.  All biohazard materials must be properly packaged in containers that are transportable.  


The materials must be delivered or picked up by an incineration or autoclave company.  After labor, the biohazard disposal is often the most expensive portion of a death cleanup scene. For a free estimate contact Spaulding Decon nationwide at 833-804-6600.  Our friendly staff is available 24 hours a day.

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