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Drug lab cleanup

Meth Lab Cleanup: All You Need to Know

Contrary to what some people may think, meth labs aren’t some super high-tech facilities with dozens of scientists and multi-million dollar equipment. In fact, most meth labs are nothing but poorly executed improvisations that are usually a health hazard to everything around them. Some people turn their RVs into a meth lab, whereas others turn their whole house into a functional laboratory. Whatever the case may be, the important thing to remember is to stay away from such scenarios and probably report it to the police. 

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Meth lab cleanup training

Meth lab cleanup training is required for all personnel working in a decontamination capacity. When law enforcement busts a meth lab environmental contractors will do what is called a “pack out”. A pack out is the removal of gross contaminates like precursors and chemicals. This is often a dangerous job due to the flammability of some of the chemicals.

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The Dangers of Fentanyl Cleanup & Why You Need to Hire a Professional

What if you were about to put your family or your coworkers in terrible danger and didn’t even know it?Fentanyl contamination can put your entire home or business at serious risk. And the only thing that can make this contamination even worse is trying to clean it up yourself. That’s because most people don’t fully understand the dangers of fentanyl. That’s why you need to leave the cleanup to the professionals. Keep reading to learn more about these dangers and why you need to go with a pro!

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