What Do I Do If I Cannot Afford Biohazard Clean Up in my Home?

Did you know that, according to Grand View Research, the biohazard bags market was valued at being worth over $300 million in 2019? Additionally, the compounded annual interest growth rate is expected to be 5.7% between 2020 and 2027.

If you’ve been looking up biohazard cleanup costs, then this likely comes as no surprise to you. Whether you’re involved in a crime scene cleanup or dealing with some other type of biohazard contamination, you’ve probably found that biohazard cleanup can be incredibly pricey. This is stressful, considering that if you do biohazard cleanup incorrectly, you could end up with hazardous materials affecting you or those around you. At the same time, biohazard cleanup may not be affordable for you.

That’s why we’ve put together this article. In it, we’ll review what you can do if you can’t afford the costs of biohazard cleanup. Finally, you can keep yourself and others safe without spending too much. Read on to learn more.

Biohazard Types and Biohazard Situations

Before we go into how to clean up crime scene contamination or another type of biohazard scene, we’ll review the different biohazard types and biohazard situations. This way, you can have a good idea of how seriously you have to take this problem.

Generally speaking, a biohazard is any biological material that is dangerous to the health of humans or animals.

The most common of these is blood, but there are others, such as industrial chemicals, animal infestations, human waste, fungus spores, and mold. Usually, these biohazards are caused by toxins, viruses, and microorganisms. Additionally, medical waste is often a biohazard that is caused by people.

According to the CDC, there are 4 levels of biohazard. These include:

  • Level 1: the biohazard poses a minimal threat
  • Level 2: the biohazard poses a moderate harm
  • Level 3: the biohazard is a high-risk pathogen that could become airborne
  • Level 4: the biohazard is life-threatening and has no known treatment

If you’re dealing with any biohazards that belong in the last two levels, such as tuberculosis or ebola, then this is probably better left to the professionals. It’s simply far too dangerous to deal with it yourself. Don’t worry— we’ll cover an affordable solution at the end of this article.

As for biohazard situations, these usually include medical incidents, crime scenes, unattended deaths, and the results of hoarding. Sometimes, it can simply be because an illness has spread somewhere with many people, for example, a nursing home. Depending on how at-risk others are in the area, you might also need to hire a professional. But how do you handle the situation if it’s low-risk and there aren’t too many people in danger so you can save some money?

Doing Biohazard Clean Up Yourself

There are several steps you need to take if you’re doing biohazard cleanup yourself. This includes getting the correct PPE equipment to protect yourself and others, setting up different areas, and dealing with the biohazard properly.

PPE Equipment

When you’re dealing with biohazards, you need to use PPE equipment so that you don’t come in contact with the toxic contaminants yourself. PPE equipment includes face shields, eye goggles, respirators, latex booties, gloves, and airtight, liquid suits. You’ll also need respirators so that you can breathe while wearing this equipment. Everyone who’s involved in the biohazard cleanup will have to use the PPE equipment.

Setting up Different Areas

Once you have the PPE equipment you need, you need to set up different areas. The most important is a control room, which is an area where you put on and take off the PPE equipment and deal with the biohazards you can’t clean and have to throw away. Additionally, you’ll have the biohazard area itself, which you should only enter when you’re wearing the PPE equipment. Finally, you’ll set up a clean zone where you keep any additional tools and equipment that you haven’t yet used.

Deal With the Biohazard

After doing all your prep work, it’s time to deal with the biohazard. The first thing you have to do (and which will impact where the above areas are) is to determine where the biohazard is in the building. Then, you’ll go around putting unsalvageable items in biohazard bags.

Now you can get to work with cleaning. Depending on the biohazard, there will be different cleaning solutions you’ll have to use. For blood infected with hepatitis, for example, you need diluted household bleach that has the right ratio of bleach to water. Clean the main contamination area first. Then, clean around the contaminated area as it could have spread without you being able to see. You’ll also need to strip back walls and floors to make sure you remove every single trace. To deodorize the air, you need to use a UV light source, such as a hydroxyl generator.

Final Steps

Once you’ve cleaned every single inch of where the contaminant is and deodorized the air, it’s time to take the final steps. Place all the biohazard bags outside of the building, being cautious about how you touch them even after you’re done cleaning.

Take apart the areas you’ve set up and discard, store, or return your PPE equipment as recommended. Finally, dispose of all the biohazard materials, following local and state regulations so that you do this safely. Depending on the cause of the biohazard, you might also want to invest in crime scene trauma.

Affordable Biohazard Clean Up Costs

Now that you’ve learned about what to do if you can’t afford biohazard cleanup costs, you might have realized that it may be best, despite the cost, to have a professional come in to do the work. But how do you find an affordable option? Look no further than Spaulding Decon. In business since 2005, we’re experts when it comes to biohazard cleanup. A franchise company serving the entire continental United States, we offer biohazard services. To learn more about these services, find out more now.


We also offer financing options that make it easier for you to pay your biohazard cleanup costs. Instead of having to pay the cost all in one go, you can do it at a pace that works for you with payments over time. To learn more about the financing options available through Spaulding Decon, get more information now.

We Buy Crime Scene Homes

Here at Spaulding Decon we are giving you another option. Free crime scene cleanup is available if we buy your house for cash. If you cannot afford the cleanup of a death scene we will make you a cash offer to buy your home as is.  We will even move the contents that you want to keep out for you.  Many of our customers have taken this option. If the house is a place you do not live and you are inheriting then you would need to sell it anyway. You cannot list it with a real estate agent because of the biohazard present and the potential bad odors. To make the situation easier we offer you cash for your house and you pay no commissions or closing costs. We can typically close within a week of your accepting our offer.

Do not despair when faced with a death or accident cleanup situation. You do have options on cleaning up your property.  Homeowners insurance is always the first choice but never the only choice. To get more information on the “we buy houses cash” option please call our office 24/7 at 833-804-6600. There are no limitations to the location of the property, size, or price range.  We will buy any house, any condition.

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