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Tips for Disinfecting After Getting Rid of Mice

January 26, 2017

rodent dropping removal

Having mice in a home is dangerous to the owner and anyone who enters the house and even after they are no longer present, the residual effects of an infestation can last for a while. Mice will have lived in the walls and attics as well as chew through wiring and drywall, making your home their home. Beyond their destructive tendencies, mice carry diseases in their feces. The harmful bacteria found in their droppings can make people sick and in worse cases, viruses found in rodent droppings may be lethal. Though they mays seem harmless, mice should not be taken lightly and are why getting rid of mice should be made a priority.

Due to the way mice infiltrate a home, a professional must be hired to ensure proper decontamination and preventing their return. Spaulding Decon has a team of highly trained professionals who have decontaminated homes across the country. We offer a comprehensive cleaning plan that will ensure the attic, where mice are most typically found, is remediated completely as well as the rest of the home. This is important because even after nests are removed and the infestation exterminated if the entrances made the mice are not sealed off they will return.

Rodent droppings are not something to be taken lightly, which is why hiring a professional such as Spaulding Decon is important to your safety. With Spaulding Decon, your home will be remediated completely. We will ensure the removal of odors, and provide a clean bill of health when the disinfection and remediating services are done. Spaulding Decon’s state of the art, specialized equipment is designed to safely and efficiently remove any traces of the rodents and their droppings.

Furthermore, Spaulding Decon properly documents the process from cleaning, removal, and disinfection to remediation. The documentation will aid you as the homeowner when filing a claim with your insurance company.

If you have had a mice infestation, call Spaulding Decon to ensure your safety, the safety of your family and the well-being of your home. There is not a remediation job we cannot handle.

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